Car Wash Fun

My kids have enjoyed going to the the car wash since they were babies. They love watching foamy rainbows of soap slide down their windows and the beads of water chase each other over the front windshield.

This morning we had about 5 minutes while waiting on Emi to finish at the doctor’s office, and our car was G.R.O.S.S. so we hit up a new car wash on that side of town.

It was immediately apparent that we weren’t in your typical rainbow soap car wash. It was dark and loud with flashes of red light. Think the entrance of the Vortex bar in Midtown, if you’re familiar with that section of Atlanta.

Catie was prepared, though. “Mommy, turn on your camera,” she instructed. “Let’s pretend we’re in Hell.”

Okie doke.



Perks of Adulthood

When you’re a kid, you long for adulthood because the perks seem amazing, almost too good to be true. Want to stay up late? Do it! Skip the lima beans at dinner? Sure! Hours of junky television? Don’t mind if I do!

The reality of adulthood is far from the dreams of my childhood, but it’s not bad, and sometimes I do take advantage of the perks of being the most adulty person in the house.

Today was one of those days. The kids were out with friends, TuckerDad was at work, and I just felt lazy, so got another cup of coffee and curled up in bed with Netflix.

Season 4 bingewatch of Orange is the New Black. Complete.