There’s Always Time for Seafood

Catie and I popped down to Pensacola to see a favorite cousin and pack up a much-loved aunt to move her back to Atlanta. There were many hours of packing and loading the UHaul, but we made sure to find time to gather at Red Fish, Blue Fish for seafood tacos, fish and chips, and cold beer. (Or cold tea if you were 10.)

Thanks for always showing us a good time and so much love, Isabelle. You’re a good egg.


Fun Stuff With People I Love

Every summer, we spend a few days at Lake Chatuge with my aunts Sylvia and Cameron. My kids always enjoy skimming across the lake on the giant hot dog, and this year, I thought heck, why not me, too?

There are answers to that question that involve my age, muscle soreness, and my chiropractor, but that’s another story for another day.

Do fun stuff. Take a few pictures, but not so many I miss the moments. Laugh at myself with the kids. Show them that 39 isn’t too old for adventures – that I may just be getting started.


Two Years Ago Today – Tubing Adventure

Two years ago today, Sterling and Catie went tubing along the Green River in Saluda, NC. We’re planning another tubing adventure for next month – after Sterling is home from Body Farm summer camp and my kids are in that glorious month between public school starting and their school revving back up after Labor Day.

I’m so lucky to have her helping me raise these girls.

Photo Matt Lilly

Flying Solo

I’ve always needed a good bit of alone time, and the older I’ve gotten, the harder it is to come by. I know that in just a few years, I’ll have more time alone that I’ll know what to do with, but right now, it’s time to hit the road for a few days on my own before my family joins me at Grandpa’s house for the 4th of July.

Cheers to solo road trips!


Camp Buddies

In 1998, This American Life aired an episode on summer camp. It was one of the very first podcasts that Emmaline listened to, and even though it was already over 15 years old, she related to it completely.

“These are my people,” she said. “I am definitely a Camp Person.”

It’s true. She is the most Camp Person I’ve met in my life. It’s a highlight of her summer and during the rest of the year, she texts and emails and even writes actual letters to her camp friends. These are girls she sees once a year, but they share a bond of cabin pranks, care packages, fireside songs, and (perhaps most importantly) being who they are without the distraction of email, social media, or camera phones documenting every moment.

I won’t get a lot of details when I pick her up next week, but when I see pictures like this, I’m assured that she’s happy and safe and already looking forward to next year.

Camp Buddies

Fresh Bling

Re-evaluating one’s life when they hit 40 is cliche. But it’s cliche for a reason, so as I approach the big 4-0 coming in December, I want to play along, doing fun stuff that’s just a bit outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve always loved tattoos and piercings and have (or had) a variety of both. My parents never freaked out or shamed us for any type of body modification but they did offer advice that I repeat to my own daughters. Start small, start with things that can be covered up for work if need be, and think on it for 6 months or so if you’re doing anything permanent.

So the first of my 40 little adventures was a trip to Virtue and Vice in Morningside. I bellied up to the bar and ordered one nose piercing. It’s tiny and blue and I love it.