My Date for the FitWit Prom

Ok, it wasn’t exactly a prom, but it was a party and there was dancing so it was pretty close. I couldn’t find a date with a pulse, so I paired up with my favorite bell(e) and went anyway.

It will not surprise you that I won the Spirit of FitWit award and was described as loyal and sarcastic, and always willing to jump into a class, even if I didn’t know exactly what was going on.

I’d like to thank the Academy, my parents…..



Ready for Football

I don’t pretend to understand anything about football. I don’t understand the rules, the appeal of a sport riddled with concussions and their ugly aftermath, or the amount of money thrown around between teams.

But this guy loves football like I love a Captain’s Platter from the fish camp, and for Jack’s first real football season, they donned matching Cam Newton jerseys and posed for pictures. It looks like my brother is indicating “We’re number one!” but I can assure you that was actually the number of chances I had left to get a decent shot.


Half Marathon on an Erg

I’ve slogged though 5 or 6 half-marathons, usually with my friend Robyn. My middle aged body doesn’t enjoy running like it used to, but over the past year, I discovered a love of logging meters on a rowing machine.

Before today, my longest distance in one sitting was 11,000 meters. Today I hit my first half-marathon on the erg and nearly doubled that distance. To quote a t-shirt I saw at the YMCA, everything hurts and I’m dying, but I’m glad I did it. Maybe I’ll think about doing it again after I regain feeling in my tush.



Roller Girls

It’s rained for 9 straight days here in Atlanta. Sadly, that’s not even an exaggeration. There is mold everywhere and even the concrete is squishing beneath my feet. (Ok, *that* might be an exaggeration.)

Our neighbor Kevin packed up the girls for a little indoor fun yesterday afternoon. Watch out, Atlanta. These two are brutal on wheels.