Sit Tight, Richard. I Need to Talk Tonya.

I have an unhealthy obsession with pop culture events, and I don’t know why. My current fixation is Richard Simmons. I’m pretty sure he’s being held hostage in his home and I’m not the only one convinced that something is fishy.

You can read all about that right here.

But, even the most dedicated fans of our dear Richard must branch out a bit. It’s important to be well rounded, after all.

Enter Tonya Harding.

Remember her? The 1994 US Figure Skating Championships? She was blamed, along with Jeff Gillooly, Shawn Eckhardt, and Shane Stant, for the attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan. She was crucified by the media and never recovered in terms of her sport. Surely you wonder, as did I, what in the world the last 20+ years have been like for her?

Wonder no more. For the low price of $2.99 you can OWN (not rent, but own for immediate and future viewing at your leisure) 30 for 30: The Price of Gold.

If you watch with an open mind, it’s actually quite interesting. I came out the other side with a different opinion than I’d held for 20 years. It’s not deep, intellectual theatrics, but it’s damn entertaining on a Friday night.

And you betcha this post is filed under “Family & Friends.” Where would you put Richard and Tonya?

Galentines Day!

We don’t do a lot of Hallmark holidays around here. (We totally scored half-price candy on February 15th, but that’s not falling victim to holidays created simply to encourage superfluous spending. That’s just smart shopping.)

Galentine’s Day, though, is big. It calls for cocktails and french fries and lovely handmade cards like this one from my sweet writing friend, Maryann. Dixie Carter and Alec Baldwin? Can’t lose.


I take it all back, Facebook.

I am one of those annoying people who over-uses Facebook, but also complains about people over-using Facebook.

“Talk to people in real life,” I say.
“Does *everything* have to go on social media?”
“We’re going to wish we had more real memories with people and fewer virtual ones.”

Obviously, I have lots of important and hypocritical things to say about the use of social media.

Yesterday afternoon, though, when my dad was somewhere between an ambulance flying down the interstate at 85 miles an hour and emergency heart surgery, Facebook was the only thing I had to reach out to him.

Trying to get home, stuck on Marta, wondering if we’d actually already said our goodbyes, I logged on to his Facebook page and left him a simple message.

He may have a long few weeks ahead of him, but last night I got to keep my dad, and I will keep this screenshot forever.



Do you ever find an old picture and are immediately transported to that moment?

I remember this very second with my sister. The smell of the leaves, the temperature of the North Carolina evening air. Sterling laughing because leaves were stuck in her hair.

Oof. That one hurt a little.